Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cyaan Bada Riddim - Full Album

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Anonymous said...

where the link???

Nitai Boschma said...

Bosch Records releases it's first juggling: Cyaan Bada Riddim EP


Full riddim download link:

Soundcloud (Free Downloads):

Featuring Surinamese & Jamaican Artists, this first international riddim from Producer Charan blends different styles into one.
This provides a new commercialized type of sound which speaks to a broad audience.

Cyaan Bada Riddim features a selection of 'Conscious Dancehall' songs, with an overall message to "Bun Badmind".
Charan's single was featured on his Producer Album 'Like A Bosch' along with other productions he made for Gyptian, Gaza Maxwell, Brilliant Upgraded etc.

The EP will soon be available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and more.


1. Charan - Cyaan Bada (ft. Le Prince)
2. Brilliant Upgraded - Be Me
3. Fullanny - Combat Zone
4. Kemmikal - Free Up
5. Invaydah - Nah Grudge Nobody
6. Lenn Hammond - Stand Up
7. K-Lyrikal - Bad Company
8. Flash Raggedy - Crisis
9. Toppa Bling - Get Mine

Prod. by Charan

©2013 Bosch Records